Our Team

Apoorwa Varma is a law graduate holding B.A.L.L.B (Hons.) degree from VIT University, Chennai. She has been associated with the Firm for legal and corporate secretarial matters.

She has been involved in NCLT matters and other areas under the Companies Act, FEMA, FCRA, SEBI, IBC and other legal fields.

She has worked on important projects such as Due Diligence, Strike Off, Shareholders Agreements, Voluntary Liquidation, ODI, FDI, and other FEMA transactions, drafting of legal contracts, agreements as well as compounding of contraventions under the Companies Act and FEMA.

She is a big music lover and finds her peace in the highs and lows of music. She profoundly spends her spare time with her friends and family.

She believes in the infamous quote that reads on as ‘there is no lemon so sour that you cannot make a lemonade’, which suggests that all our problems end when we give a simplistic comprehension to it.

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